Est. 2001


The Crimson Moon is now hosting its live music events at The Dahlonega Market Place!

Our new location for hosting events is located at 100 Public Square North – just one block south and one flight of stairs up from our old location. Here we have 150 table seats with three sections that are sequentially further from the stage, as well as improved sound and lighting, and a MUCH bigger stage.

The events hosted at The Market Place will be much more focused on providing awesome Live Music than food or drink, but we are still offering Boutique Snacks & Locally Made Deserts; Select Coffee, Tea, Beer, and Wine; and Boutique N/A Sodas, Seltzers, Teas, Cold Brews, and Infused Beverages.

Table service is provided for the above, except for during the shows, when we request our patrons to please come to the beverage & food bar for re-orders, and we will bring them to your table.

It’s been a challenging and slower than expected process to finally get settled in at The Market Place, but the great news is that our very first show on 8/27/22 SOLD OUT! We also are slowly (but surely) getting all of the shows we’ve booked on sale and posted through the end of 2022. We are confirming more most every week, so please stay tuned to our Facebook page, web site, and EventBrite for more info and ticket links.

Please spread the word with family and friends about our new event site and know how VERY much we appreciate support from both our patrons and the myriad of amazing artists who have graced our stage over the last 20 plus years! 🙂 !

Dana Marie LaChance and my ‘Dream Team’ Staff


PLEASE NOTE: our new location will have 150 seats via largely ‘family style’ seating at shared tables located in three different areas which are sequentially further from the stage. Additionally, the new business model will be much more focused on providing awesome live music than food or drink, with only snacks, appetizers and desserts offered as well as beer, wine, coffee and non-alcoholic beverages. Initially we will be catering the appetizers, deserts, beer, wine and coffee so please review our menu in advance (which we are still working on and may change for certain shows) for food and beverage options to enjoy during the show!